New IC Offers Low Distortion Sine Wave Source

SAN JOSE, California, August 31, 2005------ Mixed Signal Integration today announced an all silicon sine source IC. The MSLOSC boasts low distortion ( 0.1%), lower than similar products on the market. The device can be digitally programmed from 15 Hz to 64 kHz, has excellent frequency accuracy (< 0.01%) and excellent temperature stability.

The MSLOSC will operate at center frequencies up to 64 kHz while drawing 2 mA typical supply current. The MSLOSC runs from a single +3.3V or +5V supply.

The MSLOSC can be applied in a range of data communications, wireless, telephony, portable, instrumentation and general-purpose systems. It can be employed as a local oscillator for modulation or demodulation, as a differential clock for data acquisition, or as a programmable sine source.

The MSLOSC is available in an 8 pin plastic SOIC package for $4.40 in 1000 piece quantities.

MIXED SIGNAL INTEGRATION is an integrated circuit company specializing in analog and mixed signal standard products and custom ASICs in CMOS technologies. For more information, contact MSI at 2157F O'Toole Ave., San Jose, California 95131. Telephone: 408-434-6305. Fax: 408-434-6417.