SAN JOSE, California, September 30 --- Mixed Signal Integration today announced a new Switched Capacitor Elliptic Lowpass Filter with small package footprint, low operating voltage and low supply current for use in equipment where space and power are at a premium.

The power select pin on the MSELP gives it three power modes. In regular operation, the typical supply current is 1.0 mA with a maximum corner frequency of 20 kHz at a 100:1 clock to corner ratio. In low power mode, the typical supply current is only 600 uA with a maximum corner frequency of 5 kHz. In power down mode, the device rests at a typical supply current of just 250 uA. The MSELP will operate at either +5V +/- 10% supply voltage or +3V +/- 10%.

The MSELP is offered in DIP or SOIC packages. The compact design of the MSELP allows it to fit in the smaller cavity of a 150 mils wide SOIC, in addition to a 300 mils wide SOIC. The footprint (.236 inches by .339 inches) of the 150 mils wide SOIC package offers a 44% space reduction versus the 300 mils wide SOIC package (.354 X .406).

Wireless communications applications often use the MSELP, particularly two-way mobile radio systems such as LMR (Land Mobile Radio) and FRS (Family Radio Service). In these mobile radios, the MSELP filters out the audio (voice) signal, preserving low frequency signaling tones. As the frequency bands of the signaling tones and the audio signal are close together, the sharp roll-off and the stop-band rejection of the MSELP remove the audio without damaging the signaling tones. The low operating voltage, low supply current and small package size are also advantageous to these portable, battery powered applications.

The cutoff frequency of the MSELP is selectable based on the clock frequency. The MSELP can use its own on-chip oscillator or an external clock. The Clock to Corner Select pin sets the clock to cutoff frequency ratio to either 50:1 or 100:1. No external components are needed to set the filter characteristics. The MSELP includes two uncommitted op amps and has an operating temperature of -20°C to +75°C.

The MSELPP is available in an 14 pin plastic DIP package for $1.85 in 1000 piece quantities. The MSELPN is available in a 14 pin 150 mils wide JEDEC SOIC package for $1.85 in 1000 piece quantities. The MSELPS costs $1.90 in 1000 piece quantities for a 14 pin 300 mils wide JEDEC SOIC.

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