Engineers working for Mixed Signal Integration have successfully completed more than 100 custom integrated circuit designs. Each designer is an experienced veteran in both analog and mixed signal technologies. MSI is especially well known for its command of both switched capacitor and integrated RC active filters.

MSI's designers offer several key design capabilities:

  • Ultra-low power consumption and low voltage operation down to 1V supply
  • Switched capacitor and active filters including high frequency filtering
  • Low noise, low distortion audio

System designs using off the shelf components can be expensive to manufacture and readily copied. Integrating your design will reduce production costs, increase performance, and protect your research and development from competitors. It can also increase the reliability of your system, decrease the board space required, alleviate inventory costs, and cut down on power consumption and heat dissipation. Often alignment and tuning routines can be eliminated by using a custom IC design.
Mixed Signal Integration is especially skilled in chip partitioning and system integration. Our engineers can work with you to suggest other portions of your system for integration. This leads to a better payoff for your custom chip development. MSI can also show you the optimum cost and performance trade offs. We will recommend the correct technology for your project, which can often lead to a higher level of integration.

Mixed Signal Integration provides a turn-key ASIC solution. In addition to design and development of the ASIC, MSI manufactures the production volume parts for its customers. This includes foundry, packaging and testing of the ASICs prior to shipment.