SAN JOSE, California, August 1 --- Mixed Signal Integration today announced Resistor Programmable Universal Active Filter integrated circuits that have five different filter responses. Each of the ICs can be configured for Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch or Allpass responses. Center or corner frequencies up to 40 kHz are achievable.

MSI's proprietary topology results in superior performance compared to other resistor programmable filters. Power consumption per filter section is lower. There are also fewer pins per filter section.

The MSU1F1 and MSU1F3 will operate at center frequencies up to 6 kHz while drawing 100 uA typical supply current. The MSU1F2 and MSU1F4 work to 40 kHz with only 500 uA typical supply current. The MSU1F1 and MSU1F2 have a nominal 25:1 clock to corner ratio. The MSU1F3 and MSU1F4 have a nominal 50:1 clock to corner ratio. The MSU2F1 is a 16 pin version that includes two filter sections, and a clock to corner ratio select pin. The nominal clock to corner ratio can be either 25:1 or 50:1. The ICs run from a single +5V supply.

The ratios of external resistors are used to set the Q and the clock to corner ratio. Filter sections can be combined together in a cascade arrangement to produce order higher order filters.

The MSU1F1-4 and MSU2F1 can be applied in a range of data communications, wireless, telephony, portable, instrumentation and general purpose systems. They can also be employed as anti-alias filters, reconstruction filters, tracking filters, for harmonic and noise analysis, or in spectrum analyzers.

The MSU1F1P is available in an 8 pin plastic DIP package for $2.25 in 1000 piece quantities. The MSU2F1P is available in a 16 pin plastic DIP package for $2.58 in 1000 piece quantities. The MSU1F2P, MSU1F3P and MSU1F4P come in an 8 pin plastic DIP. The MSU1F1-4 and MSU2F1 are also available in SO packages.

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