The general purpose lowpass filter is a 5 pole filter made in CMOS technology. It uses a switched capacitor filter implementation. No external components are necessary to set the filter characteristics. The cutoff frequency of the lowpass filter is selectable based on the clock frequency. The clock to cutoff frequency ratio can be selected at either 50:1 or 100:1 by using the Clock to Corner Select pin. Either an external clock or the on-chip oscillator can be used. Two popular filter responses are available - elliptic (E) and Butterworth (B). Low frequency versions (L) have a maximum corner frequency of 5 kHz. Medium frequency versions (M) have a maximum corner frequency of 20 kHz. Parts are packaged in either DIP or SOIC.


  • No response setting resistors
  • Plastic DIP or S.O. packages available
  • Switched Capacitor Filters
  • 3.3 or 5 Volts Operation
  • Operates from internal or external clock
  • Elliptic or Butterworth responses


  • Low Noise Sensors
  • MEMS Interface
  • Accelerometer Sensing
  • Pressure Sensing
  • Vibration Sensing
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Test Equipment Cards/Data Acquisition Cards