The MSLOSC integrated circuit provides a programmable frequency low distortion (0.1%) sine wave output. The level is digitally programmable from 0 dB to -63 dB. Using switched-capacitor filters and dividers the frequency can be controlled from 15 Hz to 64 kHz with no external capacitors. The device can operate from 3.30V up to 5.5 VDC. The frequency accuracy of the MSLOSC is less than 0.01%. Temperature stability is better than discrete solutions using resistors, capacitors and op amps.

A 4 bit DAC is filtered with a programmable switched-capacitor filter followed by a continuous time programmable lowpass filter to reduce distortion to 0.1% (-60 dB) A synchronous serial input sets the desired frequency and level.

The MSLOSC is available in a 8 pin 0.15" SOIC.


  • Provides Low Distortion
  • Sinewave Output
  • Programmable level control down to -63 dB
  • Up to 64 kHz operation


  • LO for Communication Modulation or Demodulation
  • Differential Clock for Data Acquisition
  • Programmable Sine Source
  • Portable Test Equipment