The MSVL14 provides a fourth-order video Lowpass Butterworth response filter with a corner at 14 MHz for use in Luminance filtering in HDTV or other higher resolution video systems. The MSVL14 is a continuous time filter with greater than 3% accuracy.

Unlike digital filters or other sample data filters, the MSVL14 does not use a sampling clock. The filter's corner frequency is set by internal capacitors and resistors. Only decoupling capacitors on the supplies and a bias resistor to set the operating current are needed to operate the MSVL14.

The elimination of clocking reduces noise generated by the clock as well as reduces distortion.

The MSVL14 is available in a 16-Pin 150 mil SOIC.


  • Provides Lowpass filter at 14 MHz
  • Better than 3% accuracy
  • Continuous Time Lowpass FIlters
  • No Clock Noise
  • Operates from 4.5 to 5.5 VDC
  • Low distortion
  • No Clock Required
  • Fourth Order Butterworth Response


  • Video Filter
  • HDTV to Analog Converter boxes for older TVs
  • Non-Standard Communications
  • Radar
  • Luminance Filtering
  • High resolution video filtering