MIXED SIGNAL INTEGRATION Announces New Baseband IC for Communications Transceivers

SAN JOSE, California, April 2, 2004---Mixed Signal Integration today announced a Communications Baseband Transceiver IC that has all the baseband signal processing functions required for two way radios.

The MSCBT can be applied in FRS (Family Radio Service) two way radios, LMR (Land Mobile Radio) two way radios, GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) two radios or LPRS (Low Power Radio Service) two way cellular phones. Other uses include non-standard voice band communications, wired and wireless intercoms, full-duplex and half-duplex speakerphone analog signal processing.

The MSCBT is available in a 32 pin 7 X 7 mm LQFP (leadless quad flat pak) for $1.25 in 1000 piece quantities. Samples are available now from Mixed Signal Integration.

The MSCBT runs from a single supply at +5V or + 3.3V with a typical supply current of less than 4 mA. The power down mode typically draws only 300 uA.

The MSCBT has the filter for CTCSS and CDCSS generation and detection. A comparator in the MSCBT allows the recovered squelch or DTMF tones to be applied to a microcontroller for decoding. It also handles bi-directional transmit and receive gain volume and filtering for the voice band.

The MSCBT will work with a variety of FM transmitters by using its differential output. The output can be filtered to a selectable 2.55 or 3 kHz bandwidth. A limiter increases the voice signals for more effective transmit modulation. Tones are stripped from the voice band during receive by using an internal high pass filter with 50 dB rejection.

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