New Sensor Interface IC Features Controller Programmability of Gain, Filters and Configuration

SAN JOSE, California, 2006------ Engineers at Mixed Signal Integration have developed a new integrated circuit called the MSCPSI that will interface voltage output sensors to a digital signal output. The Controller Programmable Sensor Interface chip takes small analog signals from a sensor or MEMs device and anti-aliases, filters and amplifies them. Then the signals are converted into a digital signal output. These functions are controlled by an internal PICmicro TM through the MSCPSI's on-chip serial interface.

The Controller Programmable Sensor Interface chip can be used for MEMS interface and sensors for pressure, vibration, temperature and accelerometers, among others. Medical applications such as bio-sensors are another use for the MSCPSI.

The MSCPSI has remarkable programmability for a single IC. The gain, filter characteristics and the device configuration can all be programmed via the serial interface. The MSCPSI has a low noise preamp that can be configured for differential or single-ended mode. The chip also contains a digital serial input port, 12 bit A to D converter, temperature sensor, DC offset adjustment circuit, a 4 input multiplexor for the A to D, and anti-aliasing. The on chip bias section can be selected for different power modes through the serial port. The MSCPSI takes a single supply from 3.3 V to 5.5 V DC. Typical operating current in low power mode is only 3 mA.

The MSCPSI is packaged in a 64 pin plastic LQFP. Samples are available now. Operating temperature is –40 to +85 degrees C. In 10,000 piece quantities, the MSCPSI costs $9.90 each.

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