New Video Lowpass Filter IC at 14 MHz

SAN JOSE, California, June 8, 2004---Engineers at Mixed Signal Integration have developed a new continuous time low pass filter IC with a corner frequency at 14 MHz. The Lowpass Video Filter IC is a fourth order filter with a Butterworth response.

The primary application for the MSVL14 is luminance signal filtering for HDTV and other high resolution video systems. It can also be used in radar and communications systems.

No sampling clock is needed. The corner frequency is set internally. As a result clock noise is eliminated. Only supply decoupling capacitors are needed. The corner frequency has a 3% accuracy. The MSVL14 takes a single supply +5 V +/- 10%.

The MSVL14 takes a single supply +5 V +/- 10%.
The MSVL14 is available in a 16 pin 150 mils wide plastic SOIC package for $2.75 in 1000 piece quantities.

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